Friday, January 14, 2011

Do/Get/Buy/ FIRST Think LATER vs Think FIRST Do/Get/Buy/ LATER..

seem it hard for the extreme demmand. think is the second mode.
my ambition, my desire, all i want.. what i want to archieve this year..
1. Photographer Jan-2011- progress
2. Get my passport and melancong ke luar negara. -done
3. Chance to go to Bandung, Indonesia. April.. progress
4. Singapore, Hollywood Park. Skyway.. Sentosa.. postponed
5. Mount Kinabalu. July- dont know yet..
6. Travel to my last n de olny state that i haven't reach yet- KELANTAN. progress
7. Bali, Indonesia- maybe..



    1. Photographer berhenti di tengah jalan. Setakat 2021 camera masih ada tapi simpan buat hiasan.
    2 Done
    3. Bandung - Done
    4. Singapore - Done
    5. Mount Kinabalu - Not in the list for the time being
    6. I did it - And now all peninsula, sabah sarawak dan labuan all covered.
    7. Bali - Done

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