Thursday, June 22, 2017

Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Embarking Into Home Ownership

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Real estate can be the best investment to make in your life, but it can also be the worst nightmare if you're not careful. All home-buyers need to really watch out for the purchase that they're making. Before acquiring any property, it's important to ask yourself several questions as to why you want to buy that house for sale in Selangor, and how its going to benefit you in the near future. Buying a home can be a bit tedious to many home-buyers, but the following questions can help you a lot towards achieving your goal. 

Are You Financially Stable?

This should be the first question to ask yourself. How much can/do you want to spend on a house. There are few different ways to determine this. First you should ask your mortgage lender for pre-approval. This will tell you the maximum amount the bank is willing to lend you based on your income, your other current debt (if you had one), and your credit history.

Knowing your credit score is important in making any large purchase. Do you have enough money to buy the home? Can you afford to maintain the home? If you can, how long are you going to be living there? these are the questions you need to consider. You need to (credit) check yourself before you wreck yourself!

How Can You Identify The Ideal Home For You?

The demand for a decent home is quickly growing for numerous reasons. This is because new homes are built with modern amenities to suit all your needs. Buying a house is an important decision and it's worth putting all your effort so as to get it right. If the buying procedures are not followed right, the whole process can become tedious and will require a lot of expenditure.

A buyer should keep in mind that buying decision should be made once all the important features have been checked in that property. It begins with selecting a particular area where the buyer wants to buy. Its also imperative to stack up your savings. You're supposed to put down not less than 20% of your home's value upfront if you're planning on purchasing a house.

Does The Real Estate Agents Prioritize Your Investment and Choice?

While you seek guidance from a real estate agent, its advisable to be extra cautious in selecting the source. Always remember the person who knows about your interest is you and you alone! You need to understand what are the most important features you want your house to have and then present them to the professional team to guide you through. You should also be strict about your budget and priorities despite the fact that reputed real estate companies have reliable and experienced agents. 

When going to buy a house, its important to apprehend some key points. There are lots of houses for sale and a lot of times, many sales agents blind their clients with excellent offers at face value but tack on plenty of hidden charges and fees that can hike up the total price to a much higher figure than the actual price.

Is It Helpful?

It is also imperative to buy a home with high quality features that will last for years without complications. This will make your stay more fun and comfortable as well. If this is not implemented, you may be forced to move frequently, which can be very costly. If you're planning for a family, it is advisable to go for a house that has sufficient space for you and your family. The features should not be a barrier for your kids.

Before turning into a home search, you should look for a real estate agent first. This is someone who can help you to navigate the housing market and will answer questions that come up during your quest. You must know the changes or conversions that the property will require, and only a qualified real estate agent can help you. Of course, you can always turn to online portal like PropertyGuru to help you better understand the current market.

Where Should You Choose Your Location?

There are a couple of important factors to consider when identifying the location you want to live. Its advisable to visit the home before buying it and check how close is it to the important companies/institutions that you will need to have access to. Check for nearby schools, hospitals, and police stations. Check if that place safe for you and your family. Have a stroll around the neighborhood just before looking into the house in order to be sure that your new home is not in a dangerous area. Next, look at the offer that the sales representative is trying to get you to take. Never make any hasty or impulsive choices just because the house designed to suit your needs/style. Have the contract reviewed by a third party who knows these types of offers.

Check the house's architectural integrity and basement plumbing to make sure that there aren't any hidden issues that can bite you eventually. When you are set for buying the house, heaves a home inspector check it in case of any major issues and also for a makeover that you will want to make. You can also look for a mortgage estimator who will be able to tell you roughly what your mortgage payment would be.

Things To Keep In Mind

You need to be cautious when buying a home to avoid being scammed. If you're a first-time home buyer, here are the things you should keep in mind:

-Sellers/clients at times will insist their agents to place their homes at a higher price ranges.

-Some companies are only after making profits and will try to put their project at a higher cost.

-Agents also put higher rates on their properties just to see if a buyer will go for it (don't fall in)

All buyers need to check the websites of real estate and properties just to be sure of who they're. You must check out as many properties as you can so as to gain more information to develop the intellect of spotting the right one. The buyer needs to be well-versed with the local market rates and the current scenario of the real estate market.


The entire process of selecting the perfect home is a personal one. When you do it right, it can mean a new home or a brand new start in life, which will support and shelter you throughout your life. When you do it haphazardly and without much research, it can allow for a disastrous economic choice. Therefore do it right and verify everything. Get into the details of your new home and stay way from future headaches and problems.

These tips will help you in making the right buying decision while you look for a house for sale. It is important for every home buyer to ensure that the property he/she is buying consists of the features mentioned above.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Spicy Ramen Korean Challenge Malaysia Akif vs Aliah Youtube Video

Bila Akif & Aliah buat Spicy Ramen Korean Challenge Malaysia. Serius bukan aku yang paksa tapi dorang sendiri yang nak makan. Dah lama dorang minta, tapi aku buat tak tau je. Last-last kesian haha.. Akhirnya aku mengalah. Aku beli gak.. Kami geng kaki makan ramen.. Siap request rakam lagi. Okey la jom, sebab kali ni Akif & Aliah nak sorang sebungkus. Sebelum ni sebungkus kongsi dua orang, tu pun tak abis. Haha.. Kali ni nak sebungkus sorang. Kita tengok macam mana? Boleh abis ke tak agak-agak.

Tunggu ! 
Ada rules kali ni ? 

Makan tak boleh minum air. Dah abis baru boleh minum air.. Kejam tak? itu rules Akif dan Aliah, babah ikut je. Tak tahan minum jela kan... 
Spicy Ramen Korean Challenge Malaysia

Spicy Ramen Korean Challenge Malaysia

Haaa tudiaaaa muka kepedasan !!!! Tahan ke tu ? haha.. ada minum air ke tak ? Korang layan la kat youtube.. Spicy Ramen Korean Challenge Akif vs Aliah....
Spicy Ramen Korean Challenge Malaysia
Spicy Ramen Korean Challenge Malaysia
Dah tengok video, jangan lupa tinggalkan komen dan Subscribes Youtube Channel aku untuk challenge akan datang... Selamat menonton... 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Teh Ais Madu Bazaria Pantai Dalam memang sedap..

Terus terang cakap, aku sebenarnya tak gemar pergi bazaar ramadan. Bukan tak suka tapi aku kadang-kadang tak suka crowded. Penat-penat balik kerja pastu nak bersesak-sesak. Tapi aku pergi gak sekali skala kalau tak sempat masak, atau dah jemu tak tau nak makan apa. Aku bukan boikot ye.. Haha. 
Okey, antara makanan favourite aku kat bazaar ramadan. Urm, armm, urm.. serius aku takde idea apa favourite aku kat bazaar. Pelik, nak kata ayam percik ke, bubur lambok ke, roti john ke, murtabak ke tak jugak. Kalau beli pun bila dah pergi dan terbeli je. Pergi bazaar semata-mata nak cari makanan favourite tu memang takde lagi. Tapi kalau air minuman aku suka TEH AIS. Bukan sebarang teh ais.. Dari jauh kalau nampak tu perghh terliur. Itu pun sejak Ramadan tahun lepas, aku terjebak dengan teh ais kat bazaar ramadan Chandan Puteri, Kuala Kangsar. Along Teh Peng Pior ! Memang Kaw... Aku memang tertunggu-tunggu balik Kuala Kangsar, nak pergi tapau teh peng pior ni. Tapi aku tak sure tahun ni ada ke tak.

Belum sempat balik kuala kangsar, dah nampak pulak teh ais versi madu pulak kat KL. Aku terjumpa kat timeline Instagram aku. Member-member gak post kat ig. Memang takleh jadi ni. Tengok kat IG pun dah tak tahan. Maka merempit la aku mencari teh ais ni. 

Alhamdulillah, jumpa ! Berdebo-debo rasanya. wakakaka...Teh ais je pun.. Aku risau gerai tutup la. 
KAK IEKYN TEH AIS MADU | Original From Narathiwat Thailand 
KAK IEKYN TEH AIS MADU | Original From Narathiwat Thailand
KAK IEKYN TEH AIS MADU | Original From Narathiwat Thailand
Kat mana jual Teh ais madu ni ? 
Okeh, lokasi Teh ais madu ni kat Bazaria Pantai Dalam. Kira-kira 20 minit dari Batu 9, cheras. 20 minit ni masa naik moto, kalau naik kereta lagi lama sikit. Jem.. Dah sampai korang cari la dalam bazaar ramadhan tu.. In shaa Allah ada sepanjang bulan Ramadan ni.. 
KAK IEKYN TEH AIS MADU | Original From Narathiwat Thailand
KAK IEKYN TEH AIS MADU | Original From Narathiwat Thailand
Fuhhh geram je tengok. Teh ais madu kaw punya.. 
Harga Teh Ais Madu..

  • Harga bekas kecik RM1
  • Harga bekas besar RM2
  • Harga dalam plastik RM3

Dah alang-alang datang aku tapau 2 bungkus plastik. Fuhh baru pegang pun terasa aura.. 
KAK IEKYN TEH AIS MADU | Original From Narathiwat Thailand
KAK IEKYN TEH AIS MADU | Original From Narathiwat Thailand
Setelah sekian lama tak minum teh ais sedap, akhirnya dapat gak aku merasa ! Fuhh nak cari teh yang pekat kelat kaw sedap ni bukan senang. Alhamdulillah selepas berbuka baru boleh komen. Jadi komen aku "Memang sedap" TAPI haa ada tapi-tapi.. yang tak syoknya, sampai rumah ais dah cair, kena topup ais lain. Maka ini menyebabkan hilangnya beberapa % dari rasa sebenar. Apapun teh ais ni sedap.. 

Kalau ada lagi Teh ais sedap kat area KL yang korang tau, roger-roger la. Yang jauh-jauh tak nak la.. Kalau kesempatan boleh gak terai.. Selamat membazaar...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Susu Kambing Coklat Etsumell dengan campuran Oat | Tips anak-anak tahan berpuasa

Kejap je masa berlalu, hari ni lebih 11 hari dah berpuasa. Tahun ni Akif mula belajar berpuasa, tahun-tahun sebelum ni bukan tak belajar puasa tapi masih kecik lagi, main-main. Cuma tahun ni tahap serius tu tinggi sikit. Risau gak aku, kawan-kawan sebaya dah ada yang puasa penuh dah. Akif ni dah la badan keding je, risau gak aku makan tak cukup nanti pengsan ke apa. Hehe..

Sebelum puasa baru ni, ada sembang ngan member-member pasal tips nak bagi anak-anak tahan berpuasa. Ada yang kata makan tu la, makan ni la tapi Akif ni tak makan sayur, daging, telur, ikan pun pilih-pilih. Ada member syorkan kat aku, susu kambing tapi perisa coklat. Katanya siap ada campuran Oat. Dok fikir-fikir, susu kambing coklat ni dah pekat tambah pulak oat, padat la isi dia. Boleh kenyang ni. Lagipun bukan untuk kanak-kanak je susu ni, seisi keluarga boleh minum. Ibu mengandung, ibu tengah menyusu, warga emas pun boleh minum. So takde hal la kalau tiba-tiba Akif tak nak minum, aku pun boleh minum.

Etsumell Choc Goat Milk Plus Oat
Haa, ni la susunya. Etsumell Choc Goat Milk Plus Oat. Jadi aku dapatkan sekotak untuk stok bulan puasa ni. Aku dapat sebelum puasa tu lagi. Aku saja bancuh bagi Akif minum, alhamdulillah, Akif suka. Yes, lega la aku dia nak minum. Walaupun susu kambing tapi tak terasa pun, rasa coklat tu yang Akif suka. 

Sebenarnya kandungan dalam Susu Kambing Etsumell ni bukan sekadar susu kambing dengan serbuk koko dan oat je, tapi dorang menggabungkan beberapa bahan tambahan. Dan apa yang pasti bahan tambahan tersebut adalah makanan sunnah dan berkhasiat. 
Okeh, antara makanan tambahan yang terkandung dalam Susu Kambing Coklat Etsumell ni,
Seperti buah delima, kurma, kismis, madu, Manna gum, black seed, biji apricot. Fuhh memang padu lah.. Makanan-makanan sunnah tu... 

Jadi kesimpulan untuk beberapa hari minum susu dan berpuasa ni. Akif dah mampu untuk berpuasa. Cuma ada 2,3 kali tu je tertinggal sebab terlepas sahur dan tak sihat. Sian dia.. Hehehehe.. Meh nak tengok muka Akif bangun sahur.. Mengantuk ngat ehhh. Harus la paksa, kalau tak, macam mana nak belajar kan.. Tips untuk anak-anak belajar puasa. 

Etsumell Choc Goat Milk Plus Oat
Etsumell Choc Goat Milk Plus Oat
Susu Kambing Coklat Etsumell bukan takat mengenyangkan malah boleh meningkatkan tenaga. Puasa di siang hari, malam lepas berbuka, Akif rajin gak turun berterawih kat surau. Lepas terawih ingatkan dah penat, sambung pulak tengok tv. Huihh takpe la, biar la dia, takde la lewat sangat, tengok-tengok dah terlentang depan tv.

Kalau nak tau, ada kelebihan dan khasiat Susu Kambing Coklat Etsumell ni. Antaranya 
  • Membantu sistem penghadaman
  • Untuk ibu mengandung, secara tidak langsung merangsang hormon susu ibu dan sebagai milk booster
  • Khasiat Oat dan Kurma untuk kenyang lebih lama dan beri tenaga tambahan
  • Khasiat DHA, Kismis dan Madu membantu meningkatkan IQ dan EQ kanak-kanak-kanak.
  • Perisa coklat dapat membuka selera anak-anak
Dan banyak lagi sebenarnya. Kalau ada anak-anak yang baru nak belajar puasa tu, cubalah.. 

Apapun kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, korang boleh dapatkan terus maklumat dari link kat bawah ni. Bagus susu kambing ni..

Instagram: @etsumell_hq
No. Telefon: 011-23451742

Haa lagi satu, pihak pengurusan Etsumell mengalu-alukan korang jadi stokis / buat dropship ke.. Boleh buat income lebih, nanti dapat lebih leh la berbelanja untuk Hari Raya... Cuba lah, katanya keuntungan dalam 25% ke 35% gak tu. Jangan tunggu lama-lama.. 

Okeh, selamat minum susu kambing dan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa... Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Friday, June 2, 2017

Surya Apple Cider Vinegar dengan campuran Madu memang sedap !

Pernah tak minum Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)? Eh korang tau ke tak apple cider ni? Cuka Epal. Macam pernah dengar je kan. Sama la aku dulu-dulu. Tak ambik pot sangat pun. Kalau yang biasa minum apple cider ni dia tau la khasiat dan kelebihan-kelebihannya. Apapun, sejak aku dah tau kelebihan-kelebihan apple cider ni, aku pun mula ambik pot. Aku mula mencari-cari, sebelum ni aku beli kat pasaraya je, apa brand pun aku hentam je masa tu. Janji nama apple cider. Haha yela baru nak try kan. 

Aku sebenarnya pun baru amalkan minum Apple Cider awal tahun ni dan aku baru ni aku dapat Apple Cider lagi baik punya. Haha.. Sebelum aku share pasal Apple Cider Vinegar yang baru aku dapat ni, meh aku share sikit khasiat dan kelebihan-kelebihan Apple Cider ni.

Antara kelebihan-kelebihan dan Khasiat Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

1. Weight loss
Okeh pertama skali, tujuan aku beli apple cider ni sebab aku nak turunkan berat badan. Menurut kebanyakkan sumber, apple cider ni antara formula terbaik untuk turunkan berat badan. Mengurangkan ketagihan gula dan meningkatkan detoksifikasi. Mengurangkan kadar kalori dalam makanan berkhabohidrat tinggi.

2. Detox

Haa bagus ni, untuk detox gak. Tak semestinya blend buah-buah ke sayur ker, minum apple cider pun boleh jadi detox. Membantu mengimbangi pH badan  dan merangsang rangsangan kardiovaskular, usus motilitas dan saliran limfa. Antara punca-punca utama pedih ulu hati adalah pH perut tidak seimbang dan kekurangan enzim dan probiotik. Apple cider cuka penuh dengan semua nutrien ini. Elok sangatlah amalkan apple cider ni.

3. Boleh membunuh Candida (Yis) and Boost Probiotik
Berjuta-juta orang di seluruh dunia berjuang dengan candida dan yis. Kesan-kesan sampingan boleh menjadi nafas berbau, kekurangan tenaga dan isu-isu pencernaan. ACV mengandungi probiotik dan sejenis asid yang menggalakkan pertumbuhan probiotik yang membantu membunuh candida. Mengambil 1 sudu apple cider cuka tiga kali sehari sebagai sebahagian daripada membersihkan candida.

Apa plak Candida ni ? Dikenali juga sebagai CandidiasisCandidiasis ni sejenis penyakit bawaan kulat ataupun yis yang menyebabkan jangkitan di tubuh manusia.

4. Mengimbang gula dalam darah dan memperbaiki Diabetes

Penyelidikan perubatan dah membuktikan bahawa asid asetik yang terdapat dalam cuka epal cider boleh mengimbangi gula dalam darah dan meningkatkan sensitiviti insulin dan maklum balas insulin

5. Tekanan darah rendah
Dalam satu kajian 12 minggu tahun 2009, mereka mendapati bahawa memakan epal cider cuka menurunkan trigliserida dan tekanan darah dengan ketara.

Surya Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
Surya Apple Cider Vinegar ACV
Okeh, ni la stok baru Apple Cider Vinegar aku. Stok lama dah abis, tu aku cuba yang lain pulak. Surya Apple Cider Vinegar dengan campuran madu. Serius yang ni lebih sedap dari yang aku beli sebelum ni. Bagi aku light sikit sebab ada madu. Kalau rasa sedap macam ni aku rasa nak amal hari-hari takde masalah. 2 sudu besar untuk secawan air suam, tak puas minum. Hehehehe... Yang sebelum ni bukan tak ok, mungkin aku tak tahan kot. Kaw sangat. Lambat aku nak abiskan haha. Jadi kejap minum kejap tinggal.
Surya Apple Cider Vinegar ACV
Surya Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) memang sesuai amal time bulan puasa ni. Makan berbuka tak sedar diri punya. Haha at least lepas berbuka minum secawan Apple Cider ni, Insha Allah dapat menuetral atau balancekan kandungan PH dalam badan. Sebab tu aku mention awal-awal kelebihan-kelebihan apple cider ni. Senang la korang faham kesinambungannya. 

Surya Apple Cider Vinegar ACV
Sedikit info tentang Surya Apple Cider Vinegar ni adalah buatan tempatan, terbaeklahhh, mendapat Certified dari HACCP, bahan yang digunakan tanpa pengawet dan tiada gula ! Guna madu asli plak tu.. Nice!.. Dan yang paling penting, ada sijil Halal. Dan tak perlu was-was nak minum. Kebanyakkan Apple cider yang aku jumpa kat pasaran ni banyak brand dari luar negara. Jadi faham-fahamlah.. 
Surya Apple Cider Vinegar ACV
Jadi jom la amal sama-sama, bukan nak turun berat badan je, tapi nak kekal sihat dan bertenaga. Lagi-lagi bulan puasa ni, nak kejar ibadah, tenaga kena tiptop gak kan..  Nak cari kat mana ? Senang je nak cari Surya Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) ni. Kat Watson ada jual. Harga kat watson RM21.00 . Nak beli online pun banyak, LAZADA pun ada... Kalau nak tau lanjut boleh tengok terus kat FB dan IG bawah ni.. 

#SuryaACV #RasaSayangSemanisMadu #SuryaACV #RasaSayangSemanisMadu
#SuryaACV #RasaSayangSemanisMadu #SuryaACV #RasaSayangSemanisMadu