Friday, February 17, 2017

LEGO® BATMAN™ Movie Day di LEGOLAND® Malaysia

Dah lama tak pergi LEGOLAND® Malaysia, mesti dah macam-macam ada kat sana. Tahun lepas kerap gak pergi sana. Memang best, sebab tiap-tiap kali pergi ada aktiviti-aktiviti berbeza. Tahun lepas Ninjago® , Helloween, Christmas dan banyak lagi. Tahun ni LEGOLAND® Malaysia memperkenalkan LEGO® BATMAN™ Movie Day. Kepada korang yang minat BATMAN dan peminat koleksi LEGO, ini lah peluang korang nak tambah koleksi. Wow bestnya !!  Bila event ni ? 

LEGO® BATMAN™ Movie Day 
17 Feb - 31 Mar 2017

Ada banyak aktiviti menarik kat sana nanti termasuk Scavenger Hunt, penampilan the only 
LEGO® BATMAN™ dan banyak lagi. Apa yang best lagi, siap ada KIDS GO FREE !. Haa macam mana ? Korang boleh baca maklumat kat bawah ni. Dalam bahasa inggeris pulak. Korang translate lah yer.. 

LEGO® BATMAN™ Meet & Greet
The cutest Dark Knight lives in LEGOLAND® and will make special appearances all around the park. Seize this opportunity to take as many pictures with him, and who’s to say, he might teach you a thing or two. Be on the lookout.

Exclusive LEGO® BATMAN™ Gift with Purchase
All visitors will get LEGO® BATMAN™ masks to explore the park as Gotham’s favourite vigilante. Fans will also be eligible for the exclusive LEGO® BATMAN™ Mini Batwing (while stocks last) or every purchase of LEGO® BATMAN™ products worth RM250 and above.

Kids Go FREE
Yes, you read that right! Start sewing or knocking on your nearest costume store for the best BATMAN™, Joker, Robin, or Batgirl outfit. For the entire event period, kids under 12 years old dressed in the main characters of The LEGO® BATMAN™ Movie get FREE admission with one (1) full paying adult ticket purchase.

The Scavenger Hunt
BATMAN™ was a master seeker and hunter. What about you? Put your skills to the test. Register yourself at the admission counter and collect your hunt guide. See if you can find the missing items and collect one victory stamp for every successful find.

Spot The Joker Minifigure
He’s the master of all criminals. Explore the park to spot the LEGOLAND® staff with the Joker Minifigure and show case your awesome work by uploading a selfie on your social handles. If you’re almost as amazing as BATMAN™, you might put his sidekick, Robin, out of work.

The sky’s the limit where fun and play is concerned. Why stop there? Here are more activities that will be carried out daily for everyone to enjoy:

Mosaic Build
Bat’s might be blind, but not BATMAN™ – because he’s AWESOME. Create your very own LEGO® BATMAN™ character based on the outlines provided daily, from 11am to 6pm at the LEGO® Academy.

Create Your BATMAN™ World
Immerse yourself in the realm of the caped crusader by building your very own BATMAN™ World with the LEGO® bricks provided. The escape to BATMAN™ World happens daily from 11am to 6pm at the LEGO® Academy.

BATMAN™ Build Activity
Sharpen your skill to become a master builder. Build a BATMAN™ LEGO® set based on the instruction given; daily from 10am to 6pm at the LEGO® Academy.

Photo Opportunities
Ample photo opportunities await those who visit with special BATMAN™ themed spinner standees amongst others.

Caption this Scene (on Facebook)
Capture a picture of the LEGO® BATMAN™ Movie mascots whenever you see him in park, upload it to LEGOLAND’s Facebook page and make sure you include your most creative caption ever! The best caption will be in the running for LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park tickets!

A Selfie with LEGO® BATMAN™ (on Facebook)Make sure you take a selfie with LEGO® BATMAN™ Movie walking character and wait for the announcement on LEGOLAND’s Facebook page. The most creative caption of the selfie wins LEGO® BATMAN™ Movie merchandise.

Fuhhhh aku pun nak pergi kalau dapat peluang.. Rindu nak pergi jalan-jalan kat legoland. Jommm...

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  1. dah lama tak pergi legoland, pergi banyak kali pun tak puas.. jom bawak family.