Friday, January 14, 2011

Do/Get/Buy/ FIRST Think LATER vs Think FIRST Do/Get/Buy/ LATER..

seem it hard for the extreme demmand. think is the second mode.
my ambition, my desire, all i want.. what i want to archieve this year..
1. Photographer Jan-2011- progress
2. Get my passport and melancong ke luar negara. -done
3. Chance to go to Bandung, Indonesia. April.. progress
4. Singapore, Hollywood Park. Skyway.. Sentosa.. postponed
5. Mount Kinabalu. July- dont know yet..
6. Travel to my last n de olny state that i haven't reach yet- KELANTAN. progress
7. Bali, Indonesia- maybe..

at the start of 2011

WWE-Edge theme song

"Fear will kill me, all I could be
Lift these sorrows
Let me breathe, could you set me free
Could you set me free

On this day I see clearly everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And we'll leave it all behind

On this day it's so real to me
Everything has come to life
Another chance to chase a dream
Another chance to feel
Chance to feel alive"

by Alter Bridge..

Bermula lah episod 28 plak.. dua tahun lagi masuk angka 3.. ish tua dah aku.. tahun ni diharap penuh dengan kejayaan. maksudnya apa saja yg diingini, dihajati, diimpikan tercapai.... InsyaAllah dengan izinNya..